Site to Site WIFI

The company I work at has two sites; the offices and a warehouse. The sites are about 500ft apart, separated by some council owned woodland. We have a couple of 24x core fibers running between the sites. However we recently realized that all the fibers went via the some underground conduit – part of which goes under the council woodland – so given that we have no control over some council worker in a digger sticking is bucket into our fiber, we decided a backup was required!!

Someone previously had installed a laser Line of Sight system, which delivered about 10Mbps, however what they neglected to realize when it was installed (maybe 6 years ago) was that trees grow. The woodland is green belt so we couldn’t touch the trees, and what use is 10Mbps anyway!! we push around 300Mbps between sites at any one time, going up to 500-600Mbps at peak times.

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