MP-BGP for IPv6

I recently passed the CCNP SWITCH exam, so now Spanning-tree is out the window, and I am firmly concentrated on all things layer 3 in preparation for the CCNP ROUTE exam.

One of the areas I have not really had much exposure too is IPv6.  So I have spent the last few days going over the theory behind it, and trying to put it into practice.
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IP SLA and Object Tracking

I’ve recently been doing some work with our HSRP setup around our network. Like most people, we use HSRP as a first hop redundancy mechanism to provide clients attached to the network with a virtual default gateway. HSRP will, be default, fail from Active to Standby, should the routers lose the ability to talk to one another on the subnet the HSRP for.

But what if something “down the line” fails…

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