Moving On…

Today is my penultimate day with my current company; I am moving on to bigger and (hopefully!) better things.

It’s a weird feeling leaving a job, especially one where you have made so many changes. There is only a small network here (~700 users, ~200 servers) but when I started it had been badly neglected for several years – There wasn’t really anyone with sufficient experience to manage a network, so things had just been left and fingers crossed that nothing would go wrong…

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Using interface bandwidth to influence EIGRP routing decisions

Now we have our wireless bridge in place, we wanted to configure EIGRP to seamlessly converge over that link in the event of a fiber failure between sites.

We currently have 4 cores (2 at each site) with a full mesh connectivity between them. Each link comprises of 2x 1Gbps fibers bundled together into 2Gbps etherchannels.  There is also layer2 connectivity between cores at each site (allowing cores within a site to be EIGRP neighbors.

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First Post

Hello World

Not really sure if this blog will work, there are plent of other blogs around about computer networking, and cisco networking more specifically.

My aim is to use it to document my study as I aim towards the CCNP R&S and beyond, as well as write about interesting bits I come across in my day to day life as a Network Engineer for a large company in Cheshire.

Anyway, Fingers crossed..