The eternal question…what cert to do next??

A few months ago, I was sure that i was going to be going straight on to CCNP R&S. However, since then, I have done 0 studying for it! having a 7 month old baby girl means my time is somewhat limited.

My CCNA expires in January next year (3 years already!??!??!!??) so rather than re-sit I really want to do another certification. My thoughts – CCDA – the syllabus looks pretty easy, it’s mostly common sense from what I’ve heard. I did most of the studying for it about 12 months ago, so I think I just need a bit of a refresher and I should be good to go.

this way i get another 3 years to do at least one of the CCNP modules, which I’m sure I will, maybe SWITCH, I spend 80% of my time dealing with switching issues, so I don’t think it will be too complicated. It’s the ROUTE and TSHOOT that worry me slightly. ROUTE isn’t too bad, but TSHOOT is still a bit of an unknown quantity. Maybe I will have to save my pennies and go on a course rather than the self-study route.