Site to Site WIFI Part 2

Data cabling was installed at the end of last week. And we finished configuring the AP’s yesterday.Setup was pretty easy really. You can connect the AP’s to any type of switch port, so they will take tagged and untagged traffic.

By default the management addresses of the AP’s will be on the native VLAN, however there is an option to enable a management VLAN so that management traffic (HTTP, SNMP, SSH etc…) will be tagged with the appropriate VLAN ID.

Now the big question – Speed.
Despite our initial testing being around 200Mbps, we were only able to get around 110Mbps out of it. The theory is that when we tested it in February time, the trees were not as dense as they are now, and whilst it works through the trees, they do appear to be causing speed issues.

Still, the original line of sight solution was 10Mbps, so for 2 grand we have managed to increase the speed by 10x. As long as we have a fiber failure over winter, we’re laughing!!!


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